November 20, 2019

Asad Shamim announced the establishment of a legal reform agency

Prominent Pakistani-born British businessman Asad Shamim who has vast experience in legal issues announced the establishment of a legal reform agency in collaboration with renowned political personality and former Chief Justice of Sindh High Court and Supreme Court Justice (retd) Wajih uddin Ahmed.

Asad Shamim has invited Justice (r) Wajihuddin as a guest of honour at the Pakistan Law Conference, which will be held on 23 November 2019, at the Castlemere Community Centre in Rochdale in the United Kingdom. The formal announcement of the legal reform agency is expected during the Conference.

Asad Shamim states that a legal entity will be established in the UK, which will also have a branch in Pakistan and will be the centre of solution to the problems encountered by Overseas Pakistanis.

He has further stated that the purpose of this legal reform agency is to ensure the compliance of law enforcement and rule of law in Pakistan.

The establishment of the institution is necessary to combat issues of misinterpretation of the law and misuse of the law so as not to oppress the poor.

Asad Shamim further added that Legal services should be easily accessible by the powerful and the poor.

The incorporation of such an agency will ensure that this happens in Pakistan. The institution will be headed by former Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Supreme Court (R) Justice Wajiauddin, who has an outstanding reputation throughout Pakistan.

Similar agencies have been created in the past to resolve issues concerning overseas Pakistanis, however these have proven to be ineffective.

However, Asad Shamim, in collaboration with Justice (R) Wajiuddin, is determined to establish an organisation that ensures the promotion and institutionalisation of justice.