About Us

Insaaf 4U is a non-profit making organisation which has been set up in the United Kingdom with a branch in Pakistan to assist overseas Pakistanis across the globe who wish to obtain justice in the established Courts of the land.

The organisation has been founded by prominent Pakistani born British businessman Asad Shamim who is working in collaboration with Mr Arif Shahab, former Director at Jabil Inc and currently holds the position of President of Insaaf 4U.

It is a well-known concept that access to justice in Pakistan is shrouded by corruption, bias and unfairness which has led to many innocent individuals not being able to obtain justice fairly. This is particularly prominent and a problem that has been encountered by numerous overseas Pakistanis, who for a variety of reasons have been disregarded and overlooked by the legal system in Pakistan.

The organisation aims to constructively work towards working with the relevant organisations in Pakistan to adopt a legal system which implements proper checks and balances and a distinct separation of powers similar to prominent democracies across the globe so that legal services and access to justice are readily accessible to all.

The key objectives of the organisation are:

  • To aim to assist individuals who are overseas Pakistanis and are encountering difficulty in obtaining justice from the Courts and Establishments in Pakistan.
  • To aim to provide individuals justice by pointing them in the right direction to organisations including non -government organisation who have the ability to assist them in obtaining justice they deserve.
  • To aim to provide a thorough review of their documentation to ensure that there has been a correct application of law within the Courts of the land including the highest Court of the land, The Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In essence, Insaaf 4U is an organisation that has been established to help overseas Pakistanis obtain justice and work towards the promotion and institutionalisation of Justice in Pakistan.