December 09, 2019

Government Negligence worry Asad Shamim

Founder of "Insaaf 4U", Asad Shamim has expressed concern over governance issues and warned that if things continue like this, Pakistan's administrative affairs will have to be handed over to another country.

Asad Shamim, a British businessman of Pakistani origin, said in a statement that the situation in the country is getting worse with the rule of the current PTI government.

He stated that inflation was increasing with each passing day, which is affecting and disturbing the common man.

The current government is repeating the same mistakes that the previous governments have made. Pakistan's growth has gone down and is almost at its lowest rather than getting better.

The country's institutions and systems are all corrupt and there have not been any changes as claimed. Corruption has increased even more. He added that the system needs reforms.

In the current climate as it is, it would be better that the Country is indebted to its investors and delegate its affairs to a Country that is a super power, so that its administrative affairs can be carried out in a more favourable way.

Asad Shamim further stated that this is how rules can be implemented effectively by reforming the system. There is an urgent requirement to fix elements of corruption and bribery in law enforcement agencies, including the police.