November 30, 2019

No Place For Favoritism In Govt: Asad Shamim

The founder of "Insaaf 4U" asks Supreme Court to take notice of ministers' children and their friends or supporters of political parties who were appointed on government jobs in violation of Article 1-40 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Asad Shamim, founder of "Insaaf 4U" and British Businessman of Pakistani origin on Saturday said that the Supreme Court should show its supremacy and cancel the appointments on key government positions, which are formed on a “relationship basis”.

Shamim said the Constitution should be supreme in the Country and Article 1-40 should be implemented in letter and spirit.

He said it is the duty of the Supreme Court that in the context of conflicts of interests, it should not allow the cabinet minister's children or loved ones to hold high governmental posts. It is the responsibility of the judiciary to terminate their positions.

Asad Shamim said that “politics of friendship“ had never been a successful principle. Currently, the ruling party, he said, was granting positions of high status to its friends without any experience and performance.

People who had been tried in the past and failed are also part of the present Government. What would they change now if not before? The government should bring in talented and experienced individuals from experienced fields rather than giving these positions to their friends. Asad Shamim further stated that the present government was also repeating past mistakes and if it did not change its direction, consequences would be similar to previous governments. He said there would never be justice in Pakistan and the economy would never recover. People would hate the name of democracy. He said politicians made 25 amendments to the constitution but no one questioned the reason for this. In fact, they favoured such exemptions/ loopholes in the law and justice system, which protected them from being punished for corruption and plundering of the Country’s wealth.

Source: No Place For Favoritism In Govt: Asad Shamim