December 18, 2019


The founder of “Insaaf 4U”, the Pakistani-born British businessman, Asad Shamim said that other sports should be promoted in Pakistan and make them to popular as cricket.

In Pakistan, there are numerous sponsors of cricket and it is a sport which enjoys great coverage in the media.

Sportsmen other than cricketers enjoy a lack of sponsors. In addition, the media does not give them the attention they deserve.

Furthermore, Asad Shamim said that the Pakistan government must facilitate every sportsman whether he is a footballer, a tennis star, a wrestler, a boxer, a hockey player, or a volleyball player.

The government should take responsibility for providing players with a justifiable salary so that they can focus on their respective games and play a role in making their country and nation proud.

He added that he is extremely disappointed that exceptional sportsmen across the country are not appreciated and motivated on a national level.

In an attempt to find jobs, talented sportsmen have not been able to concentrate on their respective games.

He stated that we need to support them and let them do what they do best and assist them to achieve their upmost in their dedicated sport.

He urged that sports and exercise is fundamental to a healthy society. Other sporting activities must be held all around the country other than cricket.

This will bring talent from grass root level in to the picture. The government is paying no attention to the fact that Pakistan’s performance in the Olympic Games has been on a consistent decline.

In the most recent Olympic Games, Pakistan managed to secure fourth place in terms of medals won. In addition,Pakistan failed to secure a higher place in the rankings even amongst South Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka who achieved first and second positions respectively.

Asad Shamim said that if we continuously fail to understand the significance of sports in Pakistan, new players won’t appear on the international stage. This is exactly what happened to Pakistan in the game of squash.

He said that a living example of this is Hania Minhas who is a magnificent Tennis player. Hania’s father is upset that she is not getting any sponsors considering the fact that she has become such a fabulous tennis player at a very young age.

He said that he is appealing to the government and urging that they play their role in encouraging youngsters to participate in extracurricular activities and building a healthy society by promoting sports.

Asad Shamim is not just the founder of “Insaaf 4U”, he is also the CEO of “Muhammad Ali Boxing Promotions.” He was responsible for the amendment to the 1929 constitution and helped Muhammad Ali, a diabetic boxer, get his boxing licence after a long struggle of three years. Victim of Type 1 diabetes, Muhammad Ali is now a professional boxer, and is fighting his 6th fight of the career this Friday.

Asad Shamim is offering assistance to sportspeople like Muhammad Ali with promotion of their relevant sport. He encourages them to contact Insaaf 4u. He stated that we are ready to support them.