December 25, 2019

The Chief Justice of Pakistan is offered assistance for swift conclusion of cases of overseas Pakistanis

Founder of Insaaf 4U, Asad Shamim offered the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr Gulzar Ahmad, assistance in legal cases involving overseas Pakistanis.

Asad Shamim advised that overseas Pakistanis have several cases pending in Pakistani courts, and the reason behind this is the deficiency of lawyers and judges as a reason for these cases are not being concluded efficiently. This has caused severe delay in the process of justice.

Asad Shamim stated that Insaaf 4U can offer assistance to assist in conclusion of cases efficiently and swiftly on behalf of overseas Pakistanis through the assistance of lawyers based in The USA, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries across the World.

Insaaf 4U can also provide assistance to overseas Pakistanis residing in other Countries if they need any relief in such matters.

Insaaf 4U is ready to assist by way of legal advice from professional and highly capable lawyers without them charging individuals a legal fee.

Asad Shamim further advised “it is not necessary that the Chief Justice oversees this particular matter consistently, he can appoint a High Court Judge to resolve the issues of overseas Pakistanis. He advised that by connecting with Insaaf 4U, these cases can be concluded immediately”.

Asad Shamim requested involvement from Pakistani Ambassadors in different countries in this matter, so that the element of transparency becomes of upmost importance so that all these cases can be solved within a specified time.

He emphasised that the earlier so called institutions and cells made for resolving the problems of overseas Pakistanis must be terminated as they have proved to be ineffective. These sectors have never solved a single case of an overseas Pakistani.

He recommended that the Chief Justice should appoint High Court judges from different provinces, respective Ambassadors from those provinces should also be included in the process.

Moreover, an agent specified by the Prime Minister should additionally be engaged in the respective process, so that it advances through the proper channels so that everyone is aware of every case proceeding through the process.

By keeping key individuals in the loop, international pressure can also be applied as each individual can attain responsibility for their own province.